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Wake Up From Self-Inflicted Toxicity!

| October 26, 2016 | 2 Replies

The use of natural foods and products rather than those that inflict toxicity can enhance wellness. Credit: George Grieve / Aiken Independent

The use of natural foods and products rather than those that inflict toxicity can enhance wellness. Credit: George Grieve / Aiken Independent

We all have a frame of reference shaped by our influencers. When I was growing up, when a member of my family was sick or in pain, it was normal to turn first to pharmaceuticals and physicians to restore wellness. We didn’t question – and didn’t know to question – the potential underlying causes of illness. I never dreamed that my own lack of wellness was due to self-inflicted toxicity. Please learn from my personal journey.

Some years after my husband Mike and I were married, I visited a doctor for a regular check-up. I shared that I suffered with daily headaches – which sometimes graduated into migraines – and I asked what could be done. What I didn’t share was that for years I’d watched my dad and sister suffer from headaches and occasional migraines. Since all three of us suffered, I concluded I was genetically predisposed to this kind of pain.

But since the OTC pain reliever I’d been taking worked with only limited success, I wondered what the doctor knew that could help me. The doctor told me to take ibuprofen at the first trigger of a headache (as soon as the pain started). She told me that even though the directions said to take up to two of these “nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory” pills at a time; I could actually take eight! This surprised me, but this advice came from a degreed “medical doctor.” Who was I to argue?

For over ten years I followed that doctor’s advice. When in pain, I popped a pill. If the pain increased, I took another pill. Sometimes I took so much ibuprofen that I prayed that I wouldn’t overdose. All I wanted was to be pain-free!

Think about it: Isn’t freedom from pain a state that most of us want?

Fast forward to 2012. Mike was involved in an on-the-job trucking accident that severely injured his left arm, shoulder and side. I’ll share the details about how it happened in a later article, but please know that the Lord healed Mike completely.

Sometime after Mike recovered, I received an article from a secondary connection. The first part of that article’s title startled me greatly: “30 Ways You Can Poison Yourself Before Breakfast”.

Ouch! How in the world can you poison yourself 30 ways before breakfast?

I read the article with great interest. It contained a list of personal, household and laundry care products and noted their “known poisonous ingredients” and related negative health effects.

My frame of reference was shaken. After all, if those products are available for sale in stores, hadn’t they been tested for safety? Isn’t that one of the government’s functions, to protect us from harmful products?

I have since learned that:

  • Over 800,000 toxic chemicals are used in personal care products; and
  • Only 5,000 of those have been tested by the FDA.

Whether the products I was using had been tested or not, I faced a huge challenge:

  • What was I going to do with this information?
  • What would happen if I stopped using – or replaced with something natural –the products on the list?
  • Could my daily – and sometimes very intense – headaches be related to them?

I remembered another time my body responded with pain. I’d gone on a weekend retreat with my husband but didn’t have access to the iced tea I drank continually. I suffered from a severe, two-day “caffeine withdrawal” headache and promised myself that I’d never do that to myself again.

I started going through a “detoxification” process – “detox”, for short. I wish I’d kept track of when I started the process. I replaced the following commercially prepared products with natural ones:

  • Toothpaste (check the label for warnings about calling a Poison Control Center if more than used for brushing is swallowed);
  • Baby oil (which is mineral oil coming from a petroleum source);
  • Shampoos and hair conditioners (both of which usually have synthetic fragrance, and the former almost always contains a harmful foaming agent called sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate);
  • Hand lotion (the type I used contained two chemicals with “paraben” in the name);
  • Underarm deodorant/antiperspirant (many of which contain aluminum);
  • Colognes, perfumes and fragrances (which almost always have synthetic fragrances); and
  • Air fresheners and scented candles (which almost always have synthetic fragrances).

In addition, I replaced:

  • The pine-scented household cleaner that my mom and I had used for years with a natural household cleaner;
  • The artificially-scented “fabric softener” products with a homemade natural recipe; and
  • The laundry detergent I’d used with one I make myself from three ingredients.

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Several days into my detox, I realized, “I’m not in pain. I don’t have a headache. Wow!” It felt great, like that was the way I should have been feeling all along. Then I had another pain-free day. After a while, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d taken ibuprofen. Hurray!

I once read that the human body communicates in one of only two ways – with pain or without pain – and that when we take medication to “eliminate” the pain, symptoms are masked but the root cause isn’t addressed. As soon as I read that, I knew that was exactly what had been happening to me!

At a doctor’s direction, I’d been masking my pain without first dealing with its cause. As I later thought about my conversation with my doctor, some questions arose:

  1. Was I asked about the potentially toxic products I was using? (No.)
  2. Was I asked if I was consuming foods and beverages that could be causing pain? (No.)
  3. Was I informed about the problems associated with ibuprofen use? (No.)

Regardless of why I wasn’t asked those important questions, I’m convinced that the products I’d been using for personal, household and laundry care harmed my health. My body was trying to tell me that I was hurting it; I simply couldn’t interpret what my body was telling me. When I stopped using products containing toxic chemicals, the frequency and intensity of my headaches dropped nearly to zero.

I also learned that my body is very sensitive to certain ingredients in certain foods and beverages:

  • the excitotoxin called MSG (monosodium glutamate),
  • disodium inosinate,
  • disodium guanylate, and
  • artificial sweeteners.

For example, the last time I consumed commercially prepared “ranch” salad dressing containing disodium inosinate, I had a two-day headache. Now, if I want ranch dressing, I’ll simply make my own.

This account wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t express how shocked I am about some things:

  • The public has been “conditioned to believe” that some products are safe for use when, in reality, they harm people’s health;
  • Even after some chemicals have been linked with negative health effects, they may continue being manufactured and used in products that are sold in stores every day; and
  • There may even be products sold in some health food stores that aren’t totally healthful.

Just because a product is readily available for sale doesn’t mean that it’s safe for use or consumption. Please do your own due diligence.

I must issue these disclaimers:

  1. I’m not a medical doctor and therefore I can’t diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease;
  2. Just because a person isn’t currently “in pain” from the chemicals I’ve discussed doesn’t mean that one’s health isn’t being harmed; and
  3. The products that I’ve listed in this article are by no means the only ones that can harm human health.

However, I hope that by sharing how I woke up from my “self-inflicted toxicity” that you will take a serious look at the products you’re using.

Detoxing myself from the products in this article hasn’t made me completely pain-free. But Mike and I experienced a huge difference in our lives resulting from:

  • Eliminating the use of many toxic products and
  • Using natural products for wellness.

We’re convinced that the closer we get back to nature, the better off we’ll be. One step along the journey to wellness, purpose and abundance may be to read the free report that prompted me to undergo a detoxification: “30 Ways You Can Poison Yourself Before Breakfast — Or… Why Some People Feel Bad, Get Sick, Even Die!”

Get instant access to the free report by entering your name and email address in the form on our website and confirming your subscription. If you decide to detox as a result of reading this free report, will you please let me know what happens?




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  1. DM Giddings says:

    Husband currently experiencing neurological issues. I have insisted he refrain from all artificial sweeteners for at least 2 weeks. He consumes approxumately 1-2 GALLONS of artificially sweetened drink per day. I am hoping to see a difference quickly.

  2. M. A. Wallace says:

    Excellent article relating simple, common-sense solutions for pain.

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